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Stripping colour, leaving only that which matters.


Stripping colour, leaving only that which matters.

Print size & prices:

A1 (84cm or 33 inches at longest side)  –  $595

A0 (118cm or 48 inches at longest side)  –  $695

Anything larger or of different dimensions  –  Price on Request

Shipping is not included.

I will calculate the costs of this as soon as you provide me with your physical shipping address.

Printing takes 2 – 3 days.

Shipping takes 5 working days, shipped to your doorstep.

Each print extremely well packaged and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

Fire Breather

Liquid Gold

Royal Blood

Face of Fear

Heart of a Leopard

King of Grace

Drinking under the Stars

Silent Night

Kalahari Passion


Towers of the Serengeti

Leader of the Herd

The Tusker


Herd on the Mov e

King of the Mara

Reflections on Giraffe

Blood Brothers

Reflection on Rhino

Igniting the Winter Winds

Lion standing Tall

Forest Elephant

The Serengeti

King of the Kalahari

Lion & his Territory

Lion Crossing

Elephants under Chobe Skies

Walking in the Mist

Windy Days

Dusting Elephant

The Last Rhinos

Forest Dweller Illuminated

Racing Stripes

Rays from Heaven

Resting Elephant

Looking To The Heavens

Lion on the Edge

Protective Cheetah Mother