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Arguably the best game viewing in Africa!


Arguably the best game viewing in Africa!

I have a special place in my heart for the Sabi Sand. I have spent countless hours on safari here as a lodge-based guide for the highly acclaimed Singita Game Reserves, namely Ebony & Boulders Lodges.

This area simply can’t be matched with regards to Big 5 sightings. The density of predators too will leave you speechless. Known most for the quality of the leopard & lion sightings, the photographic opportunities here are immense! The animals are also very habituated to the presence of the game viewers and this allows you to spend many hours with your subjects without any disturbance of irritation to them!

The photographs captured below are testament of the incredible game viewing on offer in the Sands – a place unrivaled by any other in Africa.

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Sabi Sand 8

Sabi Sand 7

Sabi Sand 4

Sabi Sand 6

Sabi Sand 5

Sabi Sand 3

Sabi Sand 2

Sabi Sand 1

Sabi Sand 29

Sabi Sand 26

Sabi Sand 27

Sabi Sand 28

Sabi Sand 25

Sabi Sand 27

Sabi Sand 24

Sabi Sand 23

Sabi Sand 21

Sabi Sand 19

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Sabi Sand 15

Sabi Sand 16

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Sabi Sand 14

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Sabi Sand 10

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Sabi Sand 22