Photographic Safaris
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Photographic Safaris

Join me on safari in Africa! I


Join me on safari in Africa!

I am a Professional Safari Guide by trade & wildlife photographer by nature.

These safaris are designed to gain the best experience in each destination. You need not be a photographer to enjoy them, it’s designed for everyone to have a great time.

For detailed information on all the safaris mentioned below,  CONTACT  me today and lets make it happen!

Join me on a safari today and change the way you see the world!

Safari Info Pages:


Mana Pools Photo Safari (1 spot remaining)


Serengeti Photo Safari (1 spot remaining)

Mala Mala Photographic Workshop 

Jaguars of the Pantanal (July 2019)

Masai Mara Great Migration Safari

Masai Mara Workshop with Gerry van der Walt