Marlon du Toit

My name is Marlon du Toit,
Wildlife photographer.

Marlon is passionate about what he does, enthusiastic in the manner in which he presents it and in possession of an unquenchable thirst to explore our natural world.

He has been working within the travel & tourism industry for well over a decade. He spent the better part of 6 years working for the best safari lodge company in Africa – Singita Game Reserves. In addition he has made appearances on award-winning TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show & also The Martha Stewart Show. Marlon’s photography & travel experiences have featured in several international magazines, including National Geographic. Marlon has also built a strong brand on social media platforms and regularly shares his travel & photographic experiences with his global audience.

I addition to being a co-owner at his safari company called Wild Eye, he is also an expedition leader & safari guide. Through the many diverse safaris that he leads across the world he gets to expose guests to nature in a special way. Although photography is a key focus it’s by no means a requirement. “Photography is an effective way for my guests to capture the beauty of nature they encounter on their travels with me, in addition to the life-changing encounter with our wild planet”, says Marlon.

Thanks to a deep love for nature and photography instilled by his dad at a young age, Marlon grew up with the constant desire to be as close as possible to wildlife. “I followed through with my childhood ambitions and worked within the professional guiding industry for nine years as a lodge-based ranger and at times, as a travel photographer. This experience brought me into contact with travellers (often influential and affluent) and exposed me to hosting guests at the highest level”, says Marlon.

Through Marlon’s engaging & active social media platforms he has been able to share his travel experiences with people from around the world. These travels have taken him throughout 8 different African countries as well international destinations such as Brazil and India.

Marlon also officially represents some powerful brands such as Sony Alpha, Panerai and Swarovski Optik.

“My intention has never been solely for recognition but for the plight of what’s left of our natural recourses. Using my love and understanding of wildlife and my skill as a photographer I am able to convey to the viewer more than an image or a fleeting moment – I bring that moment alive, telling a beautiful story and hopefully in the process I’ll affect the lives of those who follow my journey.”

Marlon's Safari Diaries

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