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Pumas & Glaciers of Patagonia

Pumas & Glaciers of Patagonia

20 – 30 April 2021
Limited to 6 Guests

In the south-most landlocked regions of our planet lies on of the most extreme, exotic and sought-after destinations to be found today – Patagonia. For many years the region lured adventure travelers from all around the world, attracted by the natural beauty on offer & the exceptional hiking opportunities. The peaks known as Torres del Paine stand tall above the landscape, might in splendor and only ever seen by those with a spirit for adventure.

Pumas habituated to people on foot opened up the region to a whole new kind of traveler – the nature lover & wildlife photographer. Torres Del Paine has now become the home of the puma & the source of a life changing experience for those who dare travel to the end of the world. The experience is surreal. Not only do you get to visit one of the most scenic regions on our planet, but you’ll be exposed to some of the most exciting photographic opportunities too.

Pumas in the region have grown accustomed to humans on foot & therefor allow you remarkably close. Incredible photographic opportunities and on foot encounters await. You get to see them on the move as they hunt or patrol their territorials. If you are fortunate, they may even have cubs with them in attendance. You might even be lucky enough to join on the hunt with the most incredible mountain backdrop you could ask for.

Although the largest attraction might be the puma, this exciting adventure will take you to some of the most incredible landscapes and glaciers in the to be found on our planet. You’ve travelled so far it would be a shame to not see the lakes & glaciers surrounding the home of the puma. This itinerary has been designed to give you almost 6 full days of puma trekking in addition to magnificent viewing of glaciers, lakes and landscapes.

This is no ordinary travel experience. It takes you to a place that can experience 4 seasons on one day, a place wild and wonderful and largely untouched, a place that forms home to one of the big cats of the world.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Trek pumas (mountain lions) on foot, close encounters & incredible photographic & viewing opportunities await
  • Witness some of the world’s most incredible & break-taking landscapes
  • Photograph the 3 towers of Paine & other spectacular mountains
  • Stay in some of the most epic locations with incredible views
  • Visit Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate & enjoy great views & photo opportunities of this iconic landmark
  • Enjoy access to the densest wild puma population in a private access area
  • Only 6 people on this tour – small & exclusive
  • Make use of the best tracker & guide teams in Torres del Paine whilst searching for Pumas
  • April is considered to be cub season
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